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The properties on this website are the industrial site location opportunities in Northern Illinois in our Qualified Sites Program: meeting a set of criteria that guarantees quick and successful development. All sites have appropriate zoning; onsite or readily extendable utilities; necessary environmental, natural resource, and archaeological clearances; and support of local government.

Specifically, sites meet the following criteria:

a. Site must have at least 20 contiguous developable acres.
b. Industrial zoning must be in place.
c. A Phase 1 Environmental report must be complete.
d. A brochure or other marketing materials must be available.
e. Site must be branded as a named industrial park.
f. Site must be either be broker represented or have a letter of intent to sell from all owners.
g. Asking price per acre must be available.
h. A site plan must be available.
i. Industrial-grade utilities (electric, natural gas, water, sewer) are either to park boundary, or developer/municipality has a credible plan in place to extend quickly.
j. Site must have necessary archaeological, historic preservation, and natural resource clearances.

There are other excellent properties available for your business beyond our Qualified Site Program.
View available sites here and buildings here, or visit the Illinois Commercial Exchange.

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